Tomorrow We’ll See

by SweetGeekGoddess

(c) June 2013 All rights reserved

My work day consists of drinking copious amounts of coffee, plugging away at a computer keyboard and listening to great music.  This morning I had my English Playlist blasting away, when suddenly the soft strains of a Sting song came through my headphones.  This particular song has always struck a note deep into my heart, not because of the soft  film noir sound, but because of the way Sting handles  the often ignored topic of male prostitution.

I have been working on my sister site this weekend,  inputting in some information on domestic violence and abuse I picked up on the Salt Lake City SLUT walk in May.  Listening to Sting’s music reminded me that we only have one LGBTQ  friendly domestic violence shelter on the Wasatch front, South Valley Sanctuary in West Valley, Utah. Yet, the statistics show that the rate of domestic violence and rape are the same for homesexuals and transgendered folks as there are for heterosexuals affecting as many as 1 in 3 relationships.  That in my mind is unconscionable.

So here is a bit of Sting via YouTube for your listening pleasure.  Please take the time to listen to Sting’s introduction to this special piece of music.  While you are listening, take a moment to think about donating to your local domestic violence shelter.


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