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The Morgana Scrolls: Journeys Of Enslavement And Freedom

Morgana Scrolls by Hannah Carrigan

Morgana Scrolls by Hannah Carrigan

Book Review by SweetGeekGoddess

(c) July 2013

“The Morgana Scrolls: Journeys Of Enslavement And Freedom” by Hannah Corrigan  is a darkly beautiful story of abuse and redemption.  The prose is both lyrical and magical transporting the reader into the tormented soul of a young woman whose journey out of the abyss of child abuse is both heart wrenching  and beautiful.

The sixteen-year-old  dancer rhia is enslaved by the Dragon-clan, a cult like BDSM group whose protocols are based on Gorean methodology.  Detached from her core identity  from years of abuse, rhia is targeted for rescue by another BDSM clan. Her struggles to recapture her core self are so well written, they read like tragic poetry both beautiful and sad.  Corrigan’s treatise on consent via her character Master James outlines some of the best principles for consent based BDSM I have ever read.  Corrigan  delivers her sermon powerfully, vividly and memorably.

This novella should come with some trigger warnings as it may generate emotional triggers in those who have suffered abuse.  Also, if you are used to a steady Hershey cheap chocolate diet of erotic pulp fan fiction you won’t find much in the way of masturbation fodder here.  Instead what you will find is very well written dark smooth expensive Belgian chocolate prose that melts on your heart the way you only find in good literature.

If you are fan of ’50 Shades of Grey’ you will be sorely disappointed in the novel.  If you are a well read BDSM practitioner who enjoys fine literature in addition to  a well placed flogger you will not be disappointed.  I myself, am looking  forward with much anticipation to the next installment.