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So I Deserve To Be Raped


Rape stats from sociology.com

by Chris Carroll aka Book

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I do. Why just the other day I was working in a field wearing jean cutoffs, army boots and not a damn thing else and let me tell you sister, I looked fucking good I knew I looked good. I was trying to look good. Fuck the fact that it was fifty degrees out. That just made me sweat which made me shine. I was a glowing beacon of fuckability. Cars were stopping by the side of the road. Woman were fanning themselves with Elle Magazine while watching me and sipping iced tea. I was turning straight men gay. So imagine my surprise when not one of them tried to hit me over the head and have at me. Imagine my surprise when none of the woman tried drugging me or even, as some women are shy, using a blow gun from a distance to take my elephant arse down. I mean I was dressed for it I OBVIOUSLY WANTED IT RIGHT?

I can’t believe how often this comes up on Fet. I also can’t believe some inbred little shit is getting her jollies on how pissed off she made everyone by playing the old “Rape Culture” card again.

It doesn’t fucking matter how they are dressed. It doesn’t fucking matter where they are or what they are doing.


Not saying anything IS NOT THE SAME AS SAYING YES.


Get it through your damn fucking heads. We can play our little scenes and our little games but if there isn’t consent you are a fucking criminal and will be, if I ever find out, treat you as such.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject… what is up with this “Oh, you’re just freaking out. Calm down, count to ten and we’ll try again?” If she says no, or yellow, or red why the fuck haven’t you pulled up your dommy pants and sat the fuck down already? Three times in two days I’ve heard stories of so called brilliant masters of the art of BDSM taking a sub’s opinion as a momentary weakness and pushing on regardless freaking the sub out to the point of aggravation and anger. At what point did your head get so far up your ass that you thought what you wanted mattered in the face of the sub who you claim as yours? She owes you nothing. She’ll give you everything if you treat her write ( Self fucking BDSM 101- Getting your head out of your own anus)



Rape is Rape


















I am dismayed to the point of wanting to make a post this week about rape. Rape–not the play time, rough sex that we would assume to be consensual, but honest-to-goodness non-consent sexual contact.


What angers me are the COMMENTS by those who believe that because a female is drunk, she gives her consent to be touched. IF she passes out, then she should expect to be assaulted. I have to ask, if men were raped and sodomized, would we be blaming them for how many beers they had or how tight their pants were?

Others offer “tips” on how to avoid being raped. You know..cover up, don’t look ‘sexy’, no high heels or any clothing that may incite.


And then there is this…


It is time for women to protect each other as well as ourselves. We can start by  taking notice of others around us in party situations etc. It is time to stop looking at another, labeling her as a “drunk whore” or “slut” when seeing her being groped and prodded. Is she resisting? Is she able to resist? Does she need someone to step in and take her to the bathroom to see if she is able to make an informed decision regarding her well being and body? Too often, we are afraid to get involved even as our gut says something isn’t right–or in the case of  the Ohio alleged rape, stand by and Instagram it.

It is time to hold each other accountable and respect the sex that gave birth to us.


Rape is rape .

It is never excusable.