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The $30 Make-Up Challenge

By Jeweled Princess


I was challenged to complete a entire make-up look for $30.  This look would include: eye shadow, shadow primer, mascara, face primer, bronzer, face powder and blush.   I decided to go to my favorite place to buy cosmetics, Ulta. As I walked into Ulta, I thought to myself “pfft! I got this challenge in the proverbial make-up bag!”  However, my self-confidence diminished when I began pricing everything.  I wandered around the store for a good 30 minutes trying to find the best prices for the best products.

I had a couple of coupons that I had clipped from the Sunday paper but even before taxes my total was $67.44.  What a super fail!  It made me realize what a challenge it is to get a quality make-up look and still stay on budget.  Next time, I am going to re-do this challenge at Rite-Aide.


Wish me luck!