Red cotton twill Tulip style underbust corset with black grosgrain stays and black trim. - 2011

Ready! Set! Sit! ~ Figuring Out How to Sit in a Tight Corset

by Fran of Contour Corsets
(Oct. 2008)

Copyrighted and used by permission of the author 

The first thing a tightlacer discovers when they embark upon this unusual journey is the challenge of determining where and how to take a load off on the way. Figuring out how to sit down comfortably in a tight corset can take some planning and some getting used to, particularly when you are sitting in a car for a while, but I have some simple pointers for you.

First, if at all possible choose a tall chair with a straight upright back. Having to lean back in a well cinched corset can be very uncomfortable and stress the back of the wearer, so do sit up straight. If your seat is low enough that your knees are higher than your hips you will probably suffer for it, so I recommend that if there is no good tall seat it is usually better to fashionably stand.

Learning to drive your car in a corset can take some practice, especially when you have a clutch to contend with, but again it is really just a matter of relaxing. If you are new to the corset remember that you can always loosen it up to do tasks that require you to use your back such as when driving. If you have a long way to drive and want to arrive looking your best, by all means wear the corset, but wear it open a bit. This will give your back muscles more room to enlarge and you will not get cramps as a result of over tightening. When you get where you are going plan a discrete trip to the powder room where you can tighten up to your heart’s content and make your appearance looking your absolute whittled best and no one will be the wiser.

If you sleep in your corset as I usually do then you may find that sleeping on your side will be more comfortable than laying on your back, particularly when you have a lot of reduction in your waist. I find that sleeping in the corset is the best way to maintain your shape when you have to be out of the corset for long periods during the day for doing very physical tasks. Despite what people like to write about it is really not possible to do everything in a corset. To do real exercise or labor of any kind it is best to leave the corset off unless you are very used to doing so while cinched or are otherwise required to wear the garment for medical reasons, such as a hernia or scoliosis.

I find that relaxing in a very well made corset is one of the most sublime experiences in life. So to all of you I wish happy lacing and comfortable resting. And if you can’t find a seat anywhere just remember what Fernando always used to say…. “It is always better to look good than to feel good. You know what I am saying darling….”

Red cotton twill Tulip style underbust corset with black grosgrain stays and black trim. - 2011

Red cotton twill Tulip style underbust corset with black grosgrain stays and black trim. – 2011

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