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Figging for Your Health

gingerrootby SweetGeekGoddess

When I was on the panel for DungeonPlace Podcast, we did an episode about figging.  Figging  also known as gingering  is inserting raw peeled ginger root in the anus or vagina. It was used in ancient Greece and Roman times as a means of punishment to slaves. In Victorian times, the practice was used to punish malcreant school children.  Inserting the peeled ginger root into the anus makes it difficult to clench the butt cheeks, adding a level of pain to a proper caning.

And….ginger root has massive amounts of health benefits! According to the website Mind Body Green, ginger root has extraordinary health powers!  Who knew you could get your kink on and get the healthy benefits of ginger root all at the same time! Multi-tasking at it’s best!

So for all of you interested in learning more about figging and the health benefits of ginger root.  Here are the links that inspired this article:

How To On Figging Safely

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Crossroads, Real/Imagined

Photo by Steven Baines

Photo by Steven Baines

by Hannah Corrigan

(c) August 2013 All rights reserved This article is the sole property of the author and CAN NOT be reprinted in any format without express written permission of the author.

This is in part, part a private conversation I have been having with a beautiful woman and in part a set of thoughts based on this article:

Struggles of the Dominant Identity: Good Doms Don’t Cry
by by Jacean Mikhael

When illusions fail, suddenly you are fully present, ‘ in the room’ and in my case, still wanting to be with my mentor after the event, a near overwhelming gratitude for that patient person who stood there and let me have that beautiful illusion in privacy, came out like a river.

I suddenly saw him as the one who had set aside time and personal identity for a time, in order to allow me to experience the grace and beauty that only imagination can bring.

He was the one bore that weight of my expectations for me while I was in that sack of self protection and after it was torn open, a different and powerfully motivating love came into play in our relationship.
For us, this is when the bond of Service first formed. The seed that had been planted, sprouted over the soil for the first time. Everything before this time, became a prenatal experience…almost instantly.

Today I feel this is the point of reaching the real/imagined crossroads, maybe even the reason why crossroads like this exist at all. As it’s only on arrival at this point, for me now a mile marker within my M/s journey, where I felt I was deemed ready by the universe itself to ‘move forward’. I was given a unique choice – to stay under the blanket of illusion or let go of it – and that choice came without expectation or threat of judgment. It just arrived.

In choosing to let go of my illusory blanket, in trusting that was the right thing to do and in accepting the right time had been decided for me, I was given the first gifts of maturation. What I had feared as a loss, was in actuality, a gain of exquisite proportions. It was in fact, a loving invitation.

So this is why I feel that being aware of the existence of this real/imagined crossroads, its nature and the process, as much as its inevitability, is so important in our walk of the BDSM world.
Given my experiences I am able to say that stepping from the imagined into the real need not be a loss of anything but that self created illusion. If you choose, you can choose to see it as an opportunity to grow up, to mature, to ‘get real’, to step forward together with your opposite and together, to grow past the need for illusions entirely if that is your desire. You can choose to let go and may need to mourn the loss of an innocence for a time, or you can celebrate its departure. Its entirely up to you. I just know, that that loss wasn’t the end of innocence for me, it was only the end of a beautiful journey, and potentially disabling naivety.

When I realized at my first steps, that it was an image in my head that I had been serving and not the man and dynamic that actually was, it was then that the ‘real’ meat of what M/s is to me, was born inside me. I came into full actualization of my role only after that time, as I was empowered by my decision to leap, to make wiser and better choices for myself. I knew how to.

I was enabled by the room now free in my mind and the energy now free in my body ordinarily spent on sustaining the illusion, to make even more decisions and to fully comprehend what choice and decision even was in actuality, for the first real time. My dynamic became more authentic to me as a result. I could give more of myself to it and my inner power was drawn out of its perceptual prenatal construct and birthed into organic life.

This is in part why I and my people do not ‘play’ in the imagined. It is not a judgment on others, but it is why we don’t go out much, don’t engage often or rather, engage very intentionally. It’s not because we are shy or closet criminals, we simply choose not to.

We will care-take and we are patient; we act as sounding boards or trampolines depending on the needs of those who arrive on our doorsteps but we do not engage power dynamism with them below the superficial strata.

We only ever work and play with those who have made a similar choice to take the leap out of self created illusion as we have made, as that is when we feel, people are really capable of informed consent; when they are free within as much as without, to choose authentically to do what they are doing with the person they are doing it with.

Real growth can be painful. Expansion of awareness and de-illusioning within a M/s dynamic can be an uncomfortable, even frightening process. It is true that not every outcome can be prepared for, let alone assured but it is here that I/we find that the risk as much as the love is made real and so, for me, it has also been very much worth it.


Bang With Friends A New Google App


  1. by SweetGeekGoddess

(c) August 2013

So have you seen the new Google App, ‘Bang With Friends‘??   If not, here is the description:

Anonymously find friends who are down for the night!
Your friends will never know you’re interested unless they are too!
(Completely private & discreet until both friends are down to bang!)
1. Sign in with Facebook: So you can see your friends (don’t worry – it’s discreet)!
2. Pick the friends you want to Bang: We will only show your friends that you’re interested if they are too!
3. Message Each Other: Once we know you’re both down, we’ll send you both an email – when and where is up to you!
4. B-a-n-g: Yup, that’s right. Slow, fast, rough, or soft you decide how it goes. Stay safe!

I can see EPIC FUCKING FAIL all over this idea.  The mind boggles at the cluster fuck (pun intended) that is going to spin out of this one.    I might be a tad old fashioned here, but even the most shallow relationships are best handled with three key elements: Honest , Open, and Willing.  This particular idea tanks on 2 out of 3.

Don’t even get me started with Google adding another layer of  intrusion into our lives.


A Young Woman Protesting the Texas Abortion Bill

Everyone  needs to see this!  This brave young woman is utilizing her constitutional rights by speaking out against the Texas abortion bill.   Because she doesn’t agree with the Texas senators she is drug out of the room by the bailiffs.  SHAME ON YOU TEXAS!   This video infuriated me.  A standing ovation to the young woman with enough guts not to be shut up!  YOU GO GIRL!



To The Interesting Women of the World

by SweetGeekGoddess

Who notices beauty when it has been in the house three days”.  ~ George Bernard Shaw

It has always been particularly interesting phenomenon to me how we as women have to prove ourselves first by our appearance.  Having been blessed with a build and coloring that would be the height of beauty in the Victorian era, sadly I grew up in the sixties and seventies where blond bombshells and Twiggy were all the rage.   I do not know of one single woman of my acquaintance who has not suffered bouts of self-doubt and depression at some point in time based on self-doubts about her appearance.

I determined at an early age, that if I could not fit within the bounds of conventional beauty, then I would need to develop my other assets.  Along with the wide hips and dark hair, I was also blessed with a love of books, a sharp mind and even sharper tongue. I was doomed to be interesting.

Not too long ago, I was asked if it bothered me that people did not tell me I was beautiful.  I laughed and said no.  Gratefully, I have put my focus on my knowledge, on my abilities, my sense of humor and most of all not giving two shits what silly people think.   Beauty is a very subjective thing and to quote Shakespeare “Tis the mind that makes the body rich”.    I have a deep sympathy for those women who put all their eggs in the “beauty” basket.

At last one of my favorite actors Dustin Hoffman comes forward with why he made the movie ‘Tootsie”.  I have to say it was gratifying to see him cry on film, acknowledging that he had missed out on meeting what he calls ‘interesting women’ or women he discounted because they did not meet the standards of conventional beauty.  Kudos to you Mr. Hoffman for sharing your conclusions with us. I will admit there was a certain satisfaction in watching you come to the realization that by discounting people by appearance, the loss was yours.


I Have Tasted Freedom

by SweetGeekGoddess

(c) July 2013

“It takes no compromising to give people their rights. It takes no money to respect the individual. It takes no survey to remove repressions.”

Harvey Milk, in a 1973 speech during his first unsuccessful run for supervisor

It’s another 4th of July and I like other Americans across the USA are gathering with family and friends to burn some meat slug a few beers and to shoot off a few fireworks.   I don’t know why this year is different for me, but it is.  I suppose its being more politically aware than I ever been before.   I have friends who were part of the Occupy Salt Lake City movement,  I watch as women in Texas stand in protest for the right to control their bodies and  at last we have the Supreme Court ruling against the Defense of Marriage Act.

I am  more aware than ever before,  that our right to freedom, our right to independence  are battles fought everyday by everyday people; people like you, people like me.  Everyday, I make choices that can make a difference.  When I heard that DOMA had at last been overturned I cried.  I cried for my family and friends who can taste the freedom that I have always enjoyed.  So today as I celebrate independence day,  I am going to lift my beer bottle high and I am going to truly celebrate. This year with heartfelt intent I’m going to  give a toast for the filibusters, the occupiers and the activists who make my freedom possible.


What Is A Lady?

Ladyby SweetGeekGoddess

(c) July 2013



Emily Post the guru of etiquette describes a lady in what she deems constitutes “best society”. Mrs. Post’s description not only encompasses a set of rigidly followed etiquette but an adherence to a set of core values. These values encompass not only good manners and civility but honor and integrity.

It’s been a long time since Mrs. Post gave her version of what is a lady and these days we don’t have the same sort of class distinctions that she encountered.  However, we still have need for civility, honor and integrity; those values that are integral for playing well with our fellows.  So here is my version of what is a lady or ‘best society’.

  • A lady acts with kindness and charity. She behaves with generosity towards others both materially and spiritually.
  • A lady takes ownership of herself and her environment. She keeps herself neat, clean and tidy. She keeps a neat house/apartment.
  • A lady is gracious and well spoken of everyone regardless of their social status.
  • A lady keeps her word and her agreements.
  • A lady does not indulge in gossip. She keeps confidences. She avoids denigrating others. When issues arise, she will go directly to the person(s) involved and deal with this issues firmly, directly but kindly.
  • A lady is driven to achieve and strives for self-improvement.
  • A lady is well read and knowledgeable of a myriad of different topics.
  • A lady maintains her honor and integrity. She doesn’t compromise her values on other people’s whims.
  • A lady does not use others for her own her own personal gain. A lady gives more than she receives.
  • A lady lives her life without regrets.
  • When a lady makes a mistakes she owns it, admits fault and makes amends promptly and appropriately. She avoids excuses or blaming others. She takes ownership of her actions.
  • Being a lady has little to do with refined manners, folding napkins or setting a correct place setting. Being a lady is about generosity of the heart. It is about living your life graciously and living your life true to yourself so that you may enrich the lives of others.

So in essence there is certain satisfaction in having appearances be held to a higher standard,about  knowing how to live with a certain refinement. However when the look goods simply have appearance without substance you have already failed because being a lady is about living a higher standard that requires more than just looking good, its about being good.


How To Make Scones

This how to video on how to make scones by Kind Kyttocks is  wonderful.  I absolutely adore the classical music.  The demonstration is perfect! It has great tips on making your scones light and fluffy.  Even the most novice baker can make perfect scones by watching this video.  For those not familiar with the British ‘castor sugar’ it is a finer grain of sugar that what we in the USA normally use.  Most grocery stores in the USA that carry the C & H brand of sugar will carry “Baker’s Sugar”. It has a finer grind than table sugar but not as fine as powdered or confectioner’s sugar.