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A Young Woman Protesting the Texas Abortion Bill

Everyone  needs to see this!  This brave young woman is utilizing her constitutional rights by speaking out against the Texas abortion bill.   Because she doesn’t agree with the Texas senators she is drug out of the room by the bailiffs.  SHAME ON YOU TEXAS!   This video infuriated me.  A standing ovation to the young woman with enough guts not to be shut up!  YOU GO GIRL!



That One Book

Whether you like it or loathe it, the book 50 Shades of Grey  sparked a surge in the mainstream culture towards kink . What started out as Twilight ‘fan-fiction’, now has a rabid world-wide fan base eager to go out and buy those BDSM starter kits.

I was tasked to read it, as SweetGeekGoddess refused to after the first few pages. I am not going to get into how terribly written this series is–check out this for an amusing review . 

However, when I see meme’s such as this….


I get fired up! 

Christian Grey is a narcissistic boy-child, who was sexually abused and therefore cannot trust and have a ‘traditional’ relationship. Anastasia Steele, is a naive, 21 year old virgin, who gets wet and is amazingly orgasmic once a cock enters her for the first time. In no time, Christian whips out a contract to make her His.


As an avid reader, I can embrace the notion of losing yourself in fiction (even bad fiction) and the public ate it up. Being kinky was cool, edgy.  Not so cool? The notion that this book represents the lifestyle in the minds of the general public. Christian isn’t so much a Dom, as he is a predator. He wears his kink as a badge of abuse and strikes in anger. The relationship between the two characters is full of manipulation and no genuine trust is established before play.  50 Shades of Grey is  a cautionary tale of the kind of asshole to avoid in BDSM. So, if your inner goddess begins to scream red, do yourself a favor and bid him a “laters, baby” without the intention of going back no matter how fat his wallet and dick.  


Next year, the much anticipated movie will premier in August. Wanna bet I will have to sit through it as well?


Rape is Rape


















I am dismayed to the point of wanting to make a post this week about rape. Rape–not the play time, rough sex that we would assume to be consensual, but honest-to-goodness non-consent sexual contact.

What angers me are the COMMENTS by those who believe that because a female is drunk, she gives her consent to be touched. IF she passes out, then she should expect to be assaulted. I have to ask, if men were raped and sodomized, would we be blaming them for how many beers they had or how tight their pants were?

Others offer “tips” on how to avoid being raped. You know..cover up, don’t look ‘sexy’, no high heels or any clothing that may incite.  

And then there is this…  

It is time for women to protect each other as well as ourselves. We can start by  taking notice of others around us in party situations etc. It is time to stop looking at another, labeling her as a “drunk whore” or “slut” when seeing her being groped and prodded. Is she resisting? Is she able to resist? Does she need someone to step in and take her to the bathroom to see if she is able to make an informed decision regarding her well being and body? Too often, we are afraid to get involved even as our gut says something isn’t right–or in the case of  the Ohio alleged rape, stand by and Instagram it.

It is time to hold each other accountable and respect the sex that gave birth to us.

Rape is rape .

It is never excusable.


He Wants to Be Your Boyfriend




In time for the holidays and sure to be on a few lists for Santa. Justin Bieber sex doll! Not to be confused with this doll…


“I’m not gay! (OK maybe a lil’).” The product’s description – which promises Beaver Fever! – says,”Beave-ster doesn’t have this effect just on women – he turns straight men gay faster than you can peel his skinny jeans off.”

No pics available of the doll itself, however I am betting that once those jeans come off….