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How To Make Scones

This how to video on how to make scones by Kind Kyttocks is  wonderful.  I absolutely adore the classical music.  The demonstration is perfect! It has great tips on making your scones light and fluffy.  Even the most novice baker can make perfect scones by watching this video.  For those not familiar with the British ‘castor sugar’ it is a finer grain of sugar that what we in the USA normally use.  Most grocery stores in the USA that carry the C & H brand of sugar will carry “Baker’s Sugar”. It has a finer grind than table sugar but not as fine as powdered or confectioner’s sugar.



How to Make Scones for English Afternoon Tea

A great demonstration by Jacqueline Gates on ‘How to Make Scones for English Afternoon Tea’.   This is a great video with wonderful tips on how to make your scones come out beautifully every time.  Please visit  Jacqueline Gates of “Uncover the Godddess in You ” at: