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How To Get the Perfect Pin-up Look

by SugarAndSpanks

(c) All rights reserved

If love the sexy look of the old fashioned pin-up.  Getting the look down takes some time and practice.  Here are four tutorials that help you get the routine down in no-time!

In each tutorial, you’ll find that each girl does their own routine differently. The main thing to remember is to do whatever works best for you. There is no right or wrong way. The two ways to get perfect is to 1) practice, and 2) just play around with it. Have fun! Take an hour (or two or three, if you’re like I am) and find which technique and style you like best.

There are four main things to focus on when doing your pin-up look:

 1) Keep it sharp.

        For your brows, make sure you start out with fresh, cleaned up brows, and just define what you already have. Be careful to not over pluck, but you do want a nice even line on the top and bottom lines. Normally you want to have your eyebrow pencil/powder one or two shades lighter than your hair. If you’re going to be wearing a wig, match it to your wig’s hair.

 2) Think pink on the cheek.

         A nice bright pink blush is great for a retro/pin-up look. Try to stay away from the peachy shades, a nice cool toned pink is great for this look. Apply the blush softly on just the apple of your cheeks.

 3) Lay it on thick!

        When doing your liner and lashes, keep it nice and bold. This will be the first thing people notice and recognize as pin-up. Take your time with your liner, and don’t get frustrated. There has been times where I’ve wanted to fling my liner across the room, trust me! If you need to fix a mess up, just use a Q-tip to clean up the line. (With my liquid liner, I need to dip it in eye makeup remover first.) Also, if you’re foregoing false lashes, make sure your mascara is curled well, and as thick as you can without making it look like tarantula legs.

Part 1

Part 2

  4) Paint it red.

       A bold, bright, red lip is essential for a great retro face. I prefer a cooler toned red, but if you like the warmer shades, go for it. As long as it’s bold! Make sure to line your lips with liner before applying lipstick/lipstain, as this will give you a nice defined line, and make your lip color last longer.