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Fuchsia silk and gold satin underbust corset with hidden zipper closure and natural cotton lacing - 2011.

Tightlacing Hygiene

by Fran of Contour Corsets
(Nov. 2010)

Copyrighted and used by permission of the author 

When you wear a corset every day it is so very important that you tend to your skin to prevent problems that can occur from having inadequate hygiene.

First, you need to wear a properly fitted spandex liner under the corset, and this needs to be changed daily for a clean one. The liner will do a great deal to protect your skin from chaffing, as it allows you to adjust the position of your skin under the corset, and it protects your corset from the oils and dander that your skin gives off which will also help extend the life of your corset as well.

Secondly, you need to keep your skin clean and exfoliate every day. I use a loofah in the shower to exfoliate all around with an anti bacterial soap. It is a good habit to rub the antibacterial soap into your belly button and thoroughly clean it out each time you wash. Doing so will prevent the otherwise problematic tendency of rashes in and around the navel which occur due to the proliferation of bacteria trapped there in the warm, moist conditions. If you do get an itchy red rash it is smart to take a break from the corset until it disappears, and treat these rashes with an antimicrobial ointment twice daily until they are gone.

Thirdly, you need to moisturize. The liner and corset will constantly wick away the moisture from your skin and so you may tend to experience dryness and itching over time. After washing it is often necessary to apply a good skin lotion to the area before putting your liner and corset back on.

Lastly, you need to be mindful of any folding or pinching of the skin when you lace in and go through your day. The smooth spandex liner will perform its function by relieving a lot of friction as you adjust the corset by allowing the corset to slide along your shape without snagging your soft skin. Still, as the day goes on and you move around inside the corset, your skin can develop small pinching folds, particularly in the back under the lacing system and around the sides of the waist where the contours are the most pronounced. Most pinching is easily alleviated by pulling up on the top of the liner and down on the bottom of the liner to stretch out the liner under the corset and remove the wrinkling. This is usually sufficient for any pinching, but for those with really high reduction and more radical curves there is another trick that I found solves this problem. I keep a long ½” smooth flat steel stay for this that I put a slight bend in one side. (If anyone needs this little tool please contact me and I will send you one) I slide it down under the tightened corset between the liner and my skin, and like a shoe horn I slip it down to the trouble spot, and by gently sliding the rounded end of the stay up and down over the pinched skin, I relax and smooth out the skin there deep in the corset and remove the pinch. If you do not manage pinch points or re-position the corset when you feel them then the result will be sore red marks on the skin when you remove the corset. These tiny contusions can swell up and they take time to heal, so it is best not to accumulate them at all.

Tending to your skin is a part of the great responsibility that you have to your body as a tightlacer. Maintaining healthy skin and preventing infections, rashes, and small contusions not only make you feel better as you tightlace, but it also assures that you can put hours in your corset unabated, and thus you will reach your goals more quickly and maintain your shape in a healthy way.


Fuchsia silk and gold satin underbust corset with hidden zipper closure and natural cotton lacing - 2011.

Fuchsia silk and gold satin underbust corset with hidden zipper closure and natural cotton lacing – 2011.

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Pewter metallic poly mesh summertime male underbust corset with medium blue accents. - 2012

The Cycle Method for Beginning Tightlacers

by Fran of Contour Corsets
(Nov. 2010)

Copyrighted and used by permission of the author 

One of the most useful techniques that I have developed in my years as a tightlacer is something I call The Cycle Method. Basically it has to do with self monitoring and regulation of where you set the corset over the course of a day. Most people make the mistake of thinking that in order to reduce that you have to ‘set it and forget it’, but this is not a good idea.

It is very important that you listen to your body, especially when you are wearing a corset. If you have cramping, or indigestion, or soreness, or pain, then you have to let it out. Reduction is gained over time, and over the course of any day you should get used to the habit tightening when you feel you can, and letting it out when you feel pressures or strains. If you get that ‘bloated’ feeling, where your sense of pressure in the corset in increasing, or you are feeling agitated, then let the corset out an inch or two. The female body goes through cycles of course, and when your body is retaining fluids you need to be mindful and let out the corset when this happens. Get used to how ‘normal’ feels in the corset and do your best to maintain that level of pressure. If it feels too tight, regardless of where it is actually set, then let it out. You will find that when cycling the laces like this that over weeks and months your average waist size will still steadily reduce. I would make the analogy that it is like the weather; some days in the week are hotter, some colder, but the seasons come and go just the same. This is what The Cycle Method is all about.

The heart of The Cycle Method is to wear the corset very tight during the times of day that you can, and then taking a rest by letting it out when you need to. I find that for myself I lace the tightest in the morning through early afternoon, then loosen as the day goes on. I usually wear it medium to tighter in bed because I find that when I am at rest by body accepts the higher pressures better. The rest of the cycling revolves around my eating and toilet schedules – more on that in a different essay. You need to have this same relationship with your own body, and listen to what it tells you. It will let you know when you can keep it tight and when to give it break.

Another reason for The Cycle Method is to assure the easy transition of your digestive tract to the new position. If you wear a corset every day and are trying to achieve high waist reduction then it is very important to employ techniques that prevent you from trapping your bowel in the waistline. The colon’s natural shape is that of a cursive ‘r’, or sort of a bowed square. The position of the upper part of the colon rests its right and left corners near the ribcage, and the top section of the colon transverses the abdomen, dipping down in the middle. In a person who tightlaces the colon is entirely below the waist and has a more rounded shape overall. If you tighten the corset too much and try to reduce too fast, you tend to pinch the colon in the middle so that the bowel is actually running up through the waist on one side and down through the waist on the other. This makes reducing difficult and will most likely cause cramping, as your colon will not like having to do it’s job this way. Cycling the pressures helps to gradually work the colon down below the waist completely and you will avoid all of the issues associated with trapping your bowel in your corseted waistline.

Remember that if you take the corset off for any reason you can always get back in it later, and keep in mind that reduction is gradual over time. Your desired waist size is the goal, the corset is the enforcer, and you are the diplomat and negotiator. You win your goals with waist size over weeks, months, and years. Daily or weekly fluctuations in your lacing are all part of your listening and responding to your body’s fluctuations, and with constant attention you will reach your goals in a healthy manner. Your body will be as happy as your mind when you achieve your shape in this way.

Pewter metallic poly mesh summertime male underbust corset with medium blue accents.  - 2012

Pewter metallic poly mesh summertime male underbust corset with medium blue accents. – 2012

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Heavy black leather Corset

Blood Pressure, Hypertension, and Hydration During Tightlacing

By Fran of Contour Corsets

Copyrighted and used by permission of the author 

People have asked me about the effects of tightlacing and blood pressure. Curiously, I developed my Cycle Method largely as a result of my research in monitoring my own blood pressure over the course of two years while I tightlaced, in 2006 and 2007.

The ideal average at-rest blood pressure for an adult is 120/80. I found that when at rest in the corset at average laced pressures that my blood pressure reading taken on my arm at heart level while standing or lying down was average, and while sitting upright was around 125/90. The systolic pressure was average, and the diastolic slightly increased when seated, due largely to the increased upward pressure on the ribcage when in a seated position. When I felt agitated while in the corset my systolic increased on the average to 135 and the diastolic to 95 or 100. As a result I learned that when I would be aggravated or stressed that it was important to take off the corset until I calmed down. As a result I developed the rule to never tightlace while upset or distressed, as it does exacerbate hypertension.

Trying to reduce your waist size too quickly can create issues due to the pressures involved, and if you are not careful in keeping those pressures in balance you can become hypertensive. Because of this it is important to practice moderate pressures, particularly when you are active, to prevent hypertension.

I have written about developing respiratory efficiency in order to be more active in the corset, and this is also a component in keeping the diastolic low. The diastolic is the measured arterial pressure when the heart is at rest, between beats. I always advise to new eager tightlacers to take their rib recontouring slowly, and this is for many reasons, the most important from a health standpoint being the reduced space in which the heart and lungs must operate. Also as a rule too, the leaner you are the more critical this becomes. Without respiratory efficiency the wearer breathes much deeper, and if you are lacing too tightly, and also if you are eating too much at one sitting, the deeper breathing and fuller stomach puts added pressure against the heart and larger arteries and increases blood pressure. So, often when you eat you have to let out the corset, or if you are more active you should take the corset off. Very small waisted people who have achieved a high reduction safely do so slowly and with a balance of pressures, moderate eating, and considerations to their respiration to keep their blood pressures low. It is because of all these reasons I do believe that following the Cycle Method is so important.

Keeping properly hydrated is also important to maintaining good blood pressure. Having adequate blood volume is critical to good health in general, but if you tightlace then you need to be especially careful to maintain adequate hydration, regardless of how thirsty you may or may not be. You can become very dehydrated when laced and not know it, because of the decreased body volume that the corset creates. But if you are dehydrated in the corset, when you remove the corset you can experience sudden low blood pressure. I think that the legendary fainting spells in Victorian lore could be attributed to this. You could experience the same if you are not careful! Drinking a good 8 glasses of water per day is a good goal, and drink even more if it is a hot day. Also be careful with salt, because too much will cause you to retain fluids which will also effect your blood pressure.

So, as always, slow and steady is the best philosophy. Listen to your body and if you are concerned about blood pressure then do what I did and get a monitor. Knowledge is power, and with the feedback of a blood pressure monitor you can get a good sense of how your own body reacts to all the various situations and make the best decisions for your own comfort and health as you tightlace.

Heavy black leather Corset

Heavy black leather corset with heavy duty lacing and detachable garters. – 2012

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Jewel’s Top 5 Heels for the Holidays

by Jewelled Princess

Ho, ho, ho the holidays are here! Time to eat, drink, be merry (and let’s not forget fabulous!) You’ll probably be getting invited to a lot of holiday parties, and we all know whenever there is a party you always need to be looking hot! Here would be my top 5 pairs of heels I would wear for the holidays.

Lookie Red Taylor Says

Lookie Red Taylor Says

There’s no place like home! Yes, I know they sparkle and shine like Dorothy’s ruby slippers but, one thing is for sure when you wear these you defiantly won’t be in Kansas anymore! The price defiantly isn’t cheap but sometimes you need to pay more to look awesome. Sometimes having better quality of shoes is always better than having tons of pairs of cheap shoes. Pair these with more of a plain dress since the shoes dazzle themselves.

Blinks Gold Elektraa

Blinks Gold Elektraa

To me these shoes just scream HOLIDAY! They’re glittery, they’re gold and would be perfect to wear to any holiday party.  They just show that no one should ever dull your sparkle! They’re pretty shoes, and you’ll sparkle and shine just as much as the shoes if you wear them!

Christian Louboutin Bianca Amethyste Patent Leather Pump

Christian Louboutin Bianca Amethyste Patent Leather Pump


The infamous Christian Louboutin shoes. These are absolutely beautiful! I always think of amethyst as a holiday color. You’ll make all the ladies (and gay men ) at the party jealous because they’ll wish they could get their perfectly manicured hands on these babies!

Shalini - Black JustFab

Shalini – Black JustFab pumps


Since I’ve done so much sparkle, shine and color now it’s time for a classic black pump. These are beautiful black heels, they’ll look good with pretty much any outfit you wear, and since black goes with everything you won’t just be wearing them around the holidays you’ll be wearing these bad boys all year round.


Dereon's Silver Carisma pumps

Dereon’s Silver Carisma pumps

These are shiny, silver and also kind of lethal looking with all those spikes over them! You can defiantly use these as a threat and or weapon! If that gross pervert is eyeing you from across the room plotting how to take you back to his place in his mom’s basement and/or get in your panties (if you’re wearing any)… or your drunk Uncle Bob is trying to hit on you because he thinks you’re some supermodel he fantasizes about (but is too drunk to realize it’s you!) These will be the perfect shoes. I know I’d feel safer wearing these!




Sexy and Affordable Boots For Fall

Temperatures are beginning to drop and that means it’s time for sexy boots.  So here is a few of our affordable picks for sexy boots to help you start the season off right!

You can’t go wrong  with this versatile classic riding boot.  At only $99.95  = extremely affordable.

Kelly & Katie Blanch Riding boot -DSW

Classic Leather Riding Boot by Kelly-Katie Blanch


Look how much fun these Yasmina Red Tassled Platform boots are and only $90!!

These black high heel ankle boots are sedate and sexy! So cute for $85!



These Off to Ireland walking boots are comfortable and classy! How can you go wrong for a price of $64.99???

Off To Ireland Boot

Off To Ireland boot


These faux wrap platform wedge boots are simply divine.  The faux wrap reminds me of leather blindfolds HOT! HOT! HOT! For $99.99 they are an affordable addition to any fall wardrobe!

Swathe Your Step Wedge

Swathe Your Step Wedge