Being a Crabby Bitch is Part of My Charm

Being a Crabby Bitch is Part of My Charm

by SweetGeekGoddess

(c)June 2013
Let’s face it, language has power. How we express our thoughts and feelings leaves an indelible mark on those we interact with. Our words can heal, wound arouse or abuse. Midori the wonderful sex educator and bondage artist teaches a wonderful class on ‘Aural Sex’. Midori demonstrates how to use words as tools to arouse and entice our lovers. Some words like bitch, whore, cunt and slut can be used to evoke lust or rage depending on who is using them and how they are meant.

I know when the Governor softly whispers ‘slut’ in my ear that I melt for him. I know what he means by ‘slut’ and I am delighted with the moniker. Other words like ‘bitch’ used to be a very real trigger for me. I would take real exception to being called a bitch, even by him.

I am pretty outspoken, and have even been accused of calling a spade a fucking shovel. Needless to say being an outspoken female submissive in a BDSM community of old guard traditionalists, goreans and ex-Mormons can be a walk on egos/eggshells. I have lost count of the number of times I have been called “intimidating” or “bitch”. I remember clearly the time a community leader called me a ‘toppy little bitch’ within the Governor’s hearing. He immediately turned around while bringing me in close for a kiss and said, “Yes, but she is MY toppy little bitch.”

At that moment, I really understood and trusted that the Governor loves and appreciates me and my outspokenness. He isn’t intimidated by it in the slightest. He not only enjoys my honesty, but has come to count on it. It is part of our dynamic and our power exchange. As we both love language and innuendo it is become an aspect of our aural foreplay. I am the Kate to his Petruchio and it works.

Thanks to the Governor, I no longer associate being called a bitch, a cunt, a whore as a bad thing… or any other names that spew from the mouths of those bullies and twats who squirm at a bit of truth. I know my Governor loves me just as I am. He has endowed bitch, whore, cunt and slut with empowerment and strength. I embrace them and adore them as mine. Because no matter what you call me, I am and always will be “HIS“.

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