A Note on Perspective

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By Chris Carroll aka Book

So I started this thread because this finding a master is kind of like a job interview for me… a life job… this is going to affect everything for me from this day forward and I want to make the right choice but it is hard when they ask all of the questions. How do you judge the quality of a Master if he does not let you speak?”

Simple. He’s a bad one. You have a fucking brain too. If he doesn’t know it he shouldn’t be anywhere near your fucking body.

“I have decided that I am making this my job hunt because this is much, much more important to me.”

Perspective. Please.

It’s sex.

That’s it.

Kinky, perverted, don’t tell your children sex. Especially if it is with someone who doesn’t let you talk. Especially if it is with someone who after two conversations ONLINE has started asking you for access to your financial and criminal records. For some of us, lucky enough to find a decent and I mean this word with all of its weight so I’m writing it with capitals PARTNER, it becomes more. It becomes about fulfilling needs and voids and protecting one another at your most vulnerable and making each other strong. It is about fulfilling a need to serve and it is about being served. It is about needing someone’s arm to guide you and the strength that comes from that and it is about being able to care for someone and provide for them EVERYTHING that they need to be a good and strong person. I give to my subs I don’t fucking take. If you are even remotely considering “Your job” Giving blindly to some fucking asshat then for the love of fuck hurry up and get killed by that there psychopath so I can read someting good in my morning paper.

Look. You need communication. You need to realize that the only people who want simply to control you for the sake of control are people who are going to hurt you simply for the sake of hurt. That is not, and has not ever been, what this shit is all about. Get your lovely little head out of your tight little ass and let me smack some perspective into you because, like I said earlier, I am all about the giving.

If you find someone you can open up to about this stuff… awesome. If you find some like minded playmates… great. If you find someone who you connect with and the more you are with them the more you want to serve them and be their submissive… that is fucking awesome. I even know some couples who make the Master and Slave thing work because they’ve got communication skills that fucking dwarf mine.

But reality check…




If I ever lose it, shoot me in the fucking head

(and don’t ever let me read the submissive women’s threads anymore)

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