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Rape is Rape


















I am dismayed to the point of wanting to make a post this week about rape. Rape–not the play time, rough sex that we would assume to be consensual, but honest-to-goodness non-consent sexual contact.

What angers me are the COMMENTS by those who believe that because a female is drunk, she gives her consent to be touched. IF she passes out, then she should expect to be assaulted. I have to ask, if men were raped and sodomized, would we be blaming them for how many beers they had or how tight their pants were?

Others offer “tips” on how to avoid being raped. You know..cover up, don’t look ‘sexy’, no high heels or any clothing that may incite.  

And then there is this…  

It is time for women to protect each other as well as ourselves. We can start by  taking notice of others around us in party situations etc. It is time to stop looking at another, labeling her as a “drunk whore” or “slut” when seeing her being groped and prodded. Is she resisting? Is she able to resist? Does she need someone to step in and take her to the bathroom to see if she is able to make an informed decision regarding her well being and body? Too often, we are afraid to get involved even as our gut says something isn’t right–or in the case of  the Ohio alleged rape, stand by and Instagram it.

It is time to hold each other accountable and respect the sex that gave birth to us.

Rape is rape .

It is never excusable.

Tweety - Purple Mojo Moxy

Jewel’s Top 6 for Unique Heels

Hello, I am Jewel and here are my top six most favorite unique heels. Are you ready for the bold, interesting, unique, and even a little bit weird?? Well, we are all strange around here and most of us do march to the beat of our own drummer, here are some unique looking shoes I would wear despite what society thinks.


Iron Fist Multi Color Pump

Woah, I think I almost went blind with the colors and the sparkles! Whether or not it looks like the 80’s came back and threw up on these shoes I really like them, I’m a sucker for animal print, sparkles, with a little touch of metal studs. They could make a big POP! With some skinny jeans or a nice skirt, I would wear these in a heartbeat I really love these shoes.


Demon Donkey Platform - Pink Iron Fist

Demon Donkey Platform – Pink Iron Fist

Did a four year old come up with this design? Ice cream, unicorns, pink sparkles? No, Iron Fist just has some very unique designs! I like these shoes, I know if I wore these my inner child would be one happy camper it has all things girly. Pink, unicorns, ice cream, owls and sparkles oh my!

Emma - Fuchsia Ed Hardy

Emma – Fuchsia Ed Hardy

Ed Hardy never seizes to come out with some unique looking shoes I mean these are pink with a freakin’ koi fish on them! What gets better than that? They’re fun and will look great with a pair of skinny jeans.

Tweety - Purple Mojo Moxy

Tweety – Purple
Mojo Moxy

Peacock was the first thing to mind when I saw these. I know that if I wore these I’d get the magical ability to salsa dance. I love these, they remind me of peacocks. I like peacocks they’re colorful and look like they know how to party.

Bow Me Platform

Bow Me Platform

I honestly would feel like a secret crime fighting Japanese anime school girl if I wore these puppies. They’re bright, in your face, and these a pretty little bow that adds a feminine touch.




Abbey Dawn Leopard Print Platform 



Whoa these are pretty hot shoes not going to lie! I am not being sarcastic either!  I personally am a fan of these shoes they’re pretty awesome.These are interesting looking, they have a faux fur feel that’s hot pink leopard print, it has lips and a mustache on the top and the bottom is red?

We all should feel the need to express our inner Lady Gaga when it comes to shoes. Dare to wear unique shoes that society may find ugly, When you wear them you can show that society can shove their “normal” boring opinions up their poop shoot. Normal is boring, be unique and march to the beat of your own drummer. Never let anyone dull your sparkle people!!